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Ashley Furniture Reviews

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  • Ashley Home Furniture.

    Where to begin, Bought a sofa and recliner the end of May, Was told I wouldn't be able to get it delivered until 6/24/17 I figured great gives me time to get room painted, Well waited and waited so I called I wasn't even on the delivery schedule, So now I have no furniture was due to have guest that night and had no furniture for them to sit on. Called store the salesman messed up my invoice so I wasn't put on schedule, No one bothered to call me nothing I only found out because I called about delivery. So now I have to wait another week before I get my furniture, I talked to... More...
    Smith13's Picture   Smith13    0 Comments   Comments
  • complaint

    I purchased a 7 piece bedroom set, at the time of purchase I explained to the salesman that I wanted the 12mo 0% interest rate, well he put it in as 6mo at 0% interest. When the finance company contacted me and I asked I was told that I was on the 6mo plan, they said I had to return to the store to get it changed. When I contacted my salesman he referred me to the store manager and the manager said he called but I found out that was not true. I really think that if you tell your customer something then you should fight to get them what your salesman told them. Also upon deliver the dresser... More...
  • Force you to keep defective furniture

    Be careful folks. Ashley Homestore is NOT on the up and up. We purchased a recliner loveseat on Feb 18. It was delivered a week later and proved to be defective by the gentlemen delivering it. We stated they should take it back and replace it. They suggested that we wait for a tech to call within the hour and see if they could send someone to fix it. According to them they sent pictures so the tech would see what was wrong. We agreed only since they had struggled to get it off the truck and in the door. We were assured that if they couldn't fix to "our satisfaction", we could... More...
    buyer5074's Picture   buyer5074    0 Comments   Comments
  • Missing Lamp Shade and Extra Charges

    If I only make a little research and find out what kind of company Ashley I should just brought my business to another place. Anyways, it started back in Sept 2016 I purchased my first Tempur-pedic bed and together with the bedroom set. The product was delivered late but that's okay, when I started assembling the lamp (Sesen Poly Table Lamp) the screw head breaks. I have to return it and decided to get another brand. I selected the Stellina Poly Table Lamp but unfortunately friend of mine has that same model and it's not going to match our bedroom set color. I return the... More...
    Roncatrix's Picture   Roncatrix    0 Comments   Comments
  • Warranty, furniture

    Purchased a sectional 3 years ago, couch is peeling, contacted Ashely, rep was sent out and stated by rep we could purchase a new set, went to Salem, Nh store approached by salesman Steve who was extremely rude! Not a good impression of their staff!! Find out that we only have a credit for the one piece! We then ask to reorder the piece that is peeling and find out Ashley no longer has it! Warranty only covers accidental damage! So how can Ashely offer a credit ( which they told us was a courtesy credit) for merchandise you can no longer order!, Ashley furniture will no longer... More...
    mommyd's Picture   mommyd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst furniture and customer service

    I purchased a dining room table from Ashley Furniture in Albertville, MN. It has not even been a year and one person was sitting on the bench and it broke. They had a tech come out to look at it and was told they would call me within a week. Two weeks I heard nothing so I called and they told me the ticket was closed because it was customer damage. So after talking with a few people they just told me to take it to the store. The store said they would call me when it was fixed, heard nothing for a week called them and was told the same thing. I think it's so unfair considering it... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Sout7301's Picture   Sout7301    0 Comments   Comments
  • been through hell sitting with no furniture making experience payings!!!

    Alright where do I start. I was told one price and discounts then find out my bill is more then way over what I was told, they took 3 trips in sections of my furniture to be delivered , they canceled my order when they had my credit card on file and Manger said to bad u would not have gotten it anyway it was discontinued, took it to better business Bureau then corporate wanted to help.. well we go to exchange our furniture and go to get it delivered the couch comes broken ... yup so now I am dealing with this mess and they won't give me a refund or discounts because they said they... More...
    cmclane01's Picture   cmclane01    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delivery Service

    Ashley Furniture is the worst store I have ever been to. I will never go back. I ordered a couch 2 months ago and have yet to see it. Also, when delivering other items, they never called the #'s given to them but yet did their own research and called my in-laws at 9:30 on a Saturday night to confirm. What is this about? CALL THE #'S GIVEN retards!!!!! Worst customer service on the planet. I actually do not know why they are still in business. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    gsmulcer's Picture   gsmulcer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Peeling Durablend

    Less than two years ago we purchased a reclining couch, loveseat, and chair from our furniture store on base. They are supplied with Ashley Furniture products. We were told that the Durablend would last years on end!! We now are dealing with the fabric peeling on every single piece! We contacted Ashley, and they won't speak with us. We contacted MCX furniture, and they are trying to help, but Ashley wasn't the serial numbers. The serial numbers are on a sticker that obviously fell off prior to our purchase, because they are nowhere to be found on the furniture. A couple grand down... More...
    dmaustin's Picture   dmaustin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Furniture Sucks

    I bought my sofa set almost 3 yrs ago with a protection plan and what a waste of 1600 dollars. We barely even used the set as we hardly were ever home to enjoy it and the sofas are peeling...material's frustrating to have to cover up my sofas that i spent alot of money on. I am a single parent and work hard. I was ripped off and to think i tried calling because i have a warranty that i thought that would help...please what a joke....don't shop here! More...
    fbello's Picture   fbello    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Use No Lose protection plan

    A little over 5 years ago we bought a sofa, love seat and recliner from Ashley furniture in Altoona Pa. We purchased a protection plan that promised if you do not use your protection plan during the first five years , Ashley Furniture Homestore will credit the full amount of your protection plan purchase to a future purchase at either our Johnstown or Altoona PA location. ON attempting to collect on this offer we were told that the original owner no longer ran the operation and that no-one would stand behind the plan that carries the Ashley Furniture Homestore logo. More...
    Mike99's Picture   Mike99    0 Comments   Comments
  • ashley furniture customer service

    I recently went to Ashley furniture for a second time. First time was an ok experience I bought a leather sofa and its lasted about 6 years its time for a new one though this ones leather is starting to peel and the springs that were supposed to last a lifetime didn't. However this time I felt as though they were trying to scam me the whole time of purchase by not informing me of certain things like their lifetime guarantee on furniture no longer applies instead they run back and forth to manager trying to talk you into some kind of insurance policy. But the one that got me most was at... More...
    Robby1974's Picture   Robby1974    0 Comments   Comments
  • ASHLEY FURNITURE crappie customer service

    I have had 2 bad experiences recently with Ashley Greenwood Indiana store so bad on customer service I cancelled my 2Nd order! I ordered 2 couches ottoman on 12/27/14 was assured delivery by salesman by Jan 22 they even gave us discount for previous issues with 1st order. But received a call stating backorder until Jan 28 so I took off work received call on Jan 27 stating partial order will be delivered Jan 28 received voicemail from delivery stating they just not coming which means I lost pay for nothing! Tried calling Greenwood store for 3 days with no one answering! Finally I talked with... More...
    adavis1768's Picture   adavis1768    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible customer service

    I have had the worst experience with Ashley Furniture. I have bought my first home and wanted to furnish it. I did so at Ashley Furniture, big mistake. I bought a new bedroom set, kitchen set, and living room set. Excited about my purchase (over $5,500) and to get it into my new home. I move in get the area ready, delivery day is here. The guys set up everything and left, come to find out they put a huge gash in my hardwood floor. Customer service called me to ask about the delivery and I explained the situation, along with 3 pieces that were damaged. Then 30 minutes later I have the... More...
    embatey's Picture   embatey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley Furniture Store Poor Quality Products

    Do NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY'S. Four months after the initial purchase, I am still battling with them trying to get a satisfactory product. They furniture they deliver is very poor quality and you don't see that until it is in your home. Do not accept a delivery without checking everything throughly, and do not accept partial deliveries. Customer service will not do anything to help you if you accept a partial delivery. All they offer is to send a technician to look at the problems. I am on my 4th redelivery of a night stand, and they keep delivering deffective units or used units that... More...
    cablote's Picture   cablote    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley furniture medford oregon

    Bought a TV stand for 58" flat screen. Looks nice made horrible. Worse furniture I've ever purchased...800.00 in not a real cheap stand, could of got one made better at Walmart for a couple hundred. I got it home and there was a big scratch on the front, the holes inside the doors for a shelf are at least 2" off so can't use them for the shelf. There is a center leg that sounds good for extra support, But it's about 1/2" longer then the other 4 legs which makes the 4 doors in cabinet hard to open or close. Worse purchase I've ever made, it was pretty,... More...
    Montague's Picture   Montague    0 Comments   Comments
  • heartless ashley

    I placed a recliner in lay-a-way for my husband for Christmas. The sales man did know it was for Christmas but did not tell me that layaway means nothing to Ashley. It does not guarantee it. Any way when my chair came in they sold it. Now since I paid for it with my debit card, I have no Christmas present for my husband, and they will NOT return my money so I can get him another present. They have ruined our Christmas. Heartless. More...
    paulacook's Picture   paulacook    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bed Bugs Infestation

    Me and my fiance bought a bed room set from Ashley Furniture a few months ago. It's really nice, but looks can be truly deceiving. After purchasing the bed set, shortly I noticed I would wake up to small bumps on my body. At first I thought it was masqito bites, then it became consistent and I thought it has to be something else. I would have bumps on my arms, legs, and on my back. It's never painful,just always itchy and a pain in the ass to always get awaken in the middle of the night.My fiance thought I was probably breaking out from something because he never gets bitten, just... More...
    madme911's Picture   madme911    3 Comments   Comments
  • Product undelivered !! :(

    I am really disappointed with Ashley furniture customer service. We ordered for a sofa on thanksgiving and keeping in mind the Ashley great quality and good customer support, we ordered for a sofa in store. We were assured to receive the sofa on Dec 2nd and now when I call up the store, they say there have been some miscommunication and you will recieve only until Dec11. What kind of customer service is this? I am very annoyed. I didnt receive any call on this and when I call back they say there is a change in the date. I took leave from my work to be at home during sofa delivery but to my... More...
    RubyG's Picture   RubyG    1 Comments   Comments
  • WAY longer than expected delivery date!

    My name is Kim and I made a purchase on 11/30 from the Henrietta, NY store. I had already shopped around and found a living room set that I fell in love with at Raymour and Flanigan and decided to price compare here before purchasing. We were assisted by Jon and his manager who found us a comparable set in their showroom, but it cost twice the price! I was ready to walk out at that very moment. They went on to explain why they were so much better to purchase from and why their pieces are of higher quality and how I would receive better customer service. As someone who values customer... More...
    Kim51688's Picture   Kim51688    0 Comments   Comments
  • bought furniture and returned

    bought two bedroom furniture on thanksgiving day and returned it because we got best in another store .while retuning the pineville store manager was scolding us that we wasted the sales person time and also kept a note that we should not get any discounts in future.. very rude ,careless salespersons manager. dont buy there!!!!!!! if bought do not return them ,they will scold u.. More...
    seetha's Picture   seetha    0 Comments   Comments
  • furniture

    Hi My name is Victor me and my wife bought furniture from Ashley furniture in Northridge CA and we had 3 mounts to pay off we paid two mounts and the 3 mounts when we came to pay off but before one mount ago one of the worker her name was Melisa she said don't forget November 15 -2014 is you end of contract and we said ok, so we came to pay November 07/2014 and Melisa wasn't there and there was two worker one of the worker first was very rude and mean way talking with us and he said you need to pay instead of $851.00 we need to pay $1150.00 we were so upset he said with very... More...
    victor55's Picture   victor55    0 Comments   Comments
  • Signature Design Ashley furniture purchased from ATRIM FURNITURE

    I had gone to Dubai for Holidays and happen to visit a showroom called Atrium furniture.Since i didnot like any Sofasets on display the salesman insisted that I have a look at the catologue and choose. Unluckily i liked a Sofaset by Ashley. Since the sofa set was not on display i had no idea about the quality.I didnot mind the shipping cost from Dubai to K coz it was my choice but when I received the sofaset I was shocked. The backside of the sofa and bottom does not have any layering of wood,it is just covered with thick sofa cloth as if it to be displayed on TV and is not meant to be... More...
    sharan's Picture   sharan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley Furniture Poor Quality and Useless Warranty

    We purchased a sectional sofa from Ashley Furniture just over a year ago, we were also foolish enough to buy the extended warranty. Please dont waste your time or your money shopping at Ashley Furniture their products are subpar to put it best and the warranty is nothing more then a piece of paper that covers nothing. The warranty states it covers rips or tears until you try to use it. Then they tell you not in any seams; I am guessing the reason they do not cover seams is becasue they know how quality their furniture is. Do yourself a favor and go else where!!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mannebachj's Picture   mannebachj    0 Comments   Comments
  • dangling and broken chairs.

    i went to buy a dining set of 6 chairs and 1 table. the sales person name is Moris. He was talking to me that those were the best table better than Raymour & Flanigan. also moris has told me that the dining set was made in usa not in china. when i receive the table and chairs, one of them was broken and the other one is dangling. I called he said he will re order a leg and it will take a week. It took a whole month to get the leg of the chairs. I keep calling and asking for refund and he dont want to. And one of the other chair leg is still crack. Every time i called the store he is... More...
    wib1117's Picture   wib1117    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley Furniture messed up couch

    I ordered a living room set from them and it was damaged. They sent me another one and that was damaged also. They have horrible customer service and don't call the customer's for a update. I had to call them to see when I would receive my new furniture set. I didn't get a apology or anything. Now I have to wait until Wednesday to get a refund and for them to get the other set. I will NEVER order anything from them this company is the worst More...
    unhappy1985's Picture   unhappy1985    0 Comments   Comments
  • extended warranty

    I bought my sofa loveseat recliner and ottoman from Ashley furniture in 2011 when we were getting this the salesman said if you are moving and the sofa gets damaged you can call the insurance and either they will fix it or replace it with something equivalent I thought that is one less thing to worry unfortunately got transferred to Tampa Florida while in transit the sofa got transferred and since we were moving by our selves the insurance says it is not covered tried to speak with the supervisor no luck the sofa leather is cracking I am very much frustrated with this throwing the blame... More...
    sanjarch's Picture   sanjarch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Asheley Furniture Manager couldn't solve simple problem

    I set everything up so when i returned from vacation my new bed would be for me. I purchased a bed, chaise and night stand for $2500. Delivery was scheduled for a Sunday so someone would be home all day. I gave them my address, gate code, and alternate phone number because i wouldn't be there. That Sunday the delivery person calls me and leaves a voicemail that they are at my gate and need the code. Needless to say, they left and called again to reschedule. Not a big deal, even though someone was home and i already gave the gate code to them. The problem starts right here. I call... More...
    Lbaca's Picture   Lbaca    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley Furniture Asheville,NC

    In early 2010 I purchased a new bunk bed set from Ashley's Furiture. Which was not new. The mirror which we stored had scratches all over it as well as the furniture. Every time you shut the dresses drawers the molding flies of which is made of razor blades so I have been cut up teen times from there lousy used furniture that they sell for 1000's of dollars. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER SEEN... More...
    DeltaWalsh's Picture   DeltaWalsh    0 Comments   Comments
  • brought 2 bedroom sets and both of them are in bad shape..

    Brought to bedroom sets & both of them the paint is pealing off mind you I only had it for a little over 2 months my matters to the bed room set is leaning over out of shape also the gap between the fram and matters is 7inchs I hv a 2 year old son that likes to climb on things & with that big of a gap is not safe he can easily fall between the gap & hurt his self my tracks to my draws are so off my mirror has wood showing on it and I made a complain with customer service they send some1 to look at it and he tells them everthing that is wrong with it and they still want to... More...
    sheiresa22's Picture   sheiresa22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Still Haven't Recieved Couch

    I recently bought a couch that I loved from Ashley Furniture. On our first delivery date the driver of the truck decided it would take too much time to figure out how to get the truck into our apartment complex and up to our 3rd floor apartment (because we "hadn't told him" it was the third floor even though I have a photo copy of the form we filled out that said it was....) so he just left. Effectively meaning he stole our couch... He then refused to pick up phone calls from either the warehouse or my husband. After spending several HOURS on the phone with various... More...
    EMSJ's Picture   EMSJ    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley Furniture,entertainment center

    I will never buy from Ashley Furniture again.The entertainment center color was darker then in the store or there web site,told the saleswomen I did not want anything to dark.Both piers seams are no way flushed and one is uneven.Talked into excepting it,it will be fixed.That was 2 months ago.Had several appointments with Technician who did not come.One time waited all day,Ashley Furniture did not call to tell me Technician had canceled. Talk several times with manager who stated he would call me back,he did not! More...
    lgab's Picture   lgab    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Furniture!

    Ordered 3 full rooms of furniture May 24th. It's now June 30th. We were told our furniture would be delivered in 3 weeks. Our bed was delivered, however, the drawers under the bed were broken. The delivery men told us they would take care of it and have new drawers within a week. It's been 2 weeks so I called customer service, they claim there was nothing in the system stating any problems with my bed or any replacement parts needed! I call Ashley Furniture weekly to check on the delivery status of our furniture and I get the same response, "It's finally in stock, will... More...
    dena's Picture   dena    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley sofa physically injuring my family

    I purchased the Jordon/Durablend sofa and there is no padding on the inside of the arm of the sofa along the frame. Just solid wood corners all around. I sat on the end cushion and clipped the arm of the sofa when I sat down. As a result I broke my tailbone. My 2 year old son has also hit his head on the arm of the sofa giving him bruises, no traumatic head injuries YET. Contacted Ashley and they denied any responsibility and refused to let me return the sofa. So now my family and I live in fear of who's going to be injured next. Thanks, Ashley!! More...
    mazy75's Picture   mazy75    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashley Furniture Woodbridge Virginia, NEVER GO THERE!!!!!

    I'd never recommend ASHLEY FURNITURE to even my worst enemy, specifically the one in Woodbridge VA. The only thing they care is closing the deal, once they closed the deal; even your simple phone call about your account they do not answer no more.And the funny thing is they keep you on hold for hours just to discourage you; even inside the store once they found out your visit is not for purchasing they make you hanging around without any assistance to discourage you. Customer service is the worst I never experience in shopping life. Such a great bullshit with big commercials. More...
    kingrony's Picture   kingrony    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purchased Living room set, it has been repaired numerous times. I'm so done!!

    Purchased my first Brand new living room set & dining table from Ashley on furniture row in springdale. I purchased extended warranty insurance, Thank Goodness!! I need my furntiure repaired again, not sure how many times this makes. Table had to be replaced, they should have replaced the whole couch but shipped material to my house that i had to store until they got here. All of the furniture needs repaired, the material has thinned out, my main concern when purchasing and was told oh no, that wont happen! I am done, I want a new set of furniture!! My hand me down furniture far... More...
    Chatty's Picture   Chatty    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unprofessional Management

    I tried to purchase a bed from Ashley in the Elmwood Shopping Center in Harahan La. The salesperson charged me $851.00 for what was suppose to be a $299.00 bed. Of course he ordered the wrong bed and they would not honor their advertisement for the $299.00 bed as I was told it cost them more and it was their perogative. I thought this was very unprofessional that a manager would discuss their bottom line with a customer. I will no longer visit that store and will be sure to tell anyone I know not to buy there also. More...
    taurus's Picture   taurus    0 Comments   Comments
  • 10 months still have not recieved nightstand bed broken

    I bought a whole bedroom set. 10 months later still waiting for a nightstand. bed keeps falling after second day frame is bent. only got 2 pieces first time. waited and waited 3 moths past went to store refused to leave until I knew when rest of set was going to be delivered. when delivered damaged my hallway and dresser. complained and nothing I went to go back to the store both locations are closed. not worth it. still have not received a night stand. spent almost $2000 for nothing. More...
    jenea's Picture   jenea    0 Comments   Comments
  • Things to KNOW about Ashley Furniture

    Short and Sweet.... ordered furniture 12-29-13,,,, have not received it today yet..3-2-14. have returned to store twice. even changed up on the furniture, because this new one is more available... No furniture yet... returned to store for answers , it will be another two weeks ... asked for refund, it will take 2 weeks to receive that...poorly run company... if you don't have in a ware house or readily available then don't sale it!!!!!!!!!!!... if your manufacture cannot keep up with supply and demand , then i'm sure you can find another to meet your company needs........ More...
    (Delivery Services)
    lazarog53's Picture   lazarog53    0 Comments   Comments
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